About Langtry

Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. (LBTI) have been creating, manufacturing and shipping quality blast machines since 1990, although have many more collective years experience in the industry.

Both our head office and main manufacturing plant are situated in the City of Burlington, Ontario in Canada.

Langtry Blast Technologies combine intelligent design, logical user friendly control interfaces and build quality, to supply the production industry with the highest possible standard of shot blasting machinery.



Bespoke Solutions

Using a wealth of knowledge and past experience in engineering and interface design, Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. form advanced tailor made solutions to your blasting needs. From problem to solution, Langtry are tried and proven trouble-shooters for advanced blasting production machinery.  


Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. offer a 24/7 maintenance and service department, helping you to keep your production facility running when it suits you. Langtry offers both repair and preventative maintenance packages to suit your needs.  


At Langtry Blast Technologies we pride ourselves in delivering high quality tailor made and built shot peening machines. Mixing build quality, rigorous research and development process and lots of experience. Langtry lead the way in computer controlled/measured process and are happy to help you meet your blasting needs.

Langtry Blast Technologies Inc. are one of Canada’s premier shot blasting machinery manufacturers, operating out of Burlington Ontario. Langtry Blast Technologies combine, knowledge, charisma, engineering brilliance and groundbreaking frontline computer controls to create some of the worlds most advanced and dependable shot peening machinery.



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